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Inspiring young minds for the past 20 years. founded by Monica Mihalache focuses extensively on the subject of Chemistry for high school students located across Canada. Monica brings a wealth of academic excellence as well as a proven record for tutoring. With 20 years experience as a Chemistry Tutor, Monica's bio includes 10 years as a high school teacher, teaching Advanced Chemistry, along with a Masters Degree in Chemistry, and also a member of the Association of the Chemical Profession of Ontario and a member of the Chemical Institute of Canada. Monica brings a wealth experience by providing a comprehensive tutoring program covering every possible aspect of Chemistry from understanding the material, to getting the best grade possible from a given student.

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For the past 20 years, has been providing one-on-one private tutoring sessions by offering intense individual assistance to help students looking to ace their class and move onto University involving the field of Chemistry.

During the past two years, has moved from one-on-one in home tutoring to strictly one-on one online tutoring sessions with great success.

MONICA'S MISSION exists to help students. Monica takes a unique and innovative approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject matter they need to master. Through personalized and focussed teaching processes, her students develop the tools they need for ongoing success in the field of study from Grade 10 to Grade 12 in the subject of Chemistry.

Monica's philosophy to tutoring is very simple, making sure the student understands the fundamental concepts of chemistry and problem solving.

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What makes different, is that the student is not dealing with a corporation or large tutoring company with many teachers and offering many subjects, only offers tutoring sessions in the subject of Chemistry and all online sessions are with the student and Monica herself.

Monica's favourite part of tutoring is when a student finally understands a concept that they have worked through together. By sharing her knowledge, she can help your child learn and grow in their academic field.

Chemistry Famous Quotes & Humour

Two chemists go into a restaurant.
The first one says "I think I'll have an H2O."
The second one says "I think I'll have an H2O too" -- and he died.