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Chemistry Meaning

Since the year 2000, students have entrusted to help them achieve academic success in the subject of chemistry by providing a learning environment for students which includes highly effective instruction, personalization of teaching, and confidence building measures.

  • Are you looking to receive higher marks in chemistry?
  • Do you require assistance with chemistry tests and exam preparation?
  • Having trouble with a specific topic in chemistry?
  • Do you have plans to go to University?
  • Does your future career path involve chemistry? provides one-on-one online chemistry tutoring sessions for high school students located across Canada. All tutoring sessions are done online and each session is 1 or 2 hours long, assisting students to improve their grades by providing guidance on homework issues, upcoming tests, lab work and exams, also by focusing on their strengths and weaknesses on the various topics.

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Our Online Chemistry Tutoring Services

Grade 10 Chemistry

Generally known as Science SNC2D
Topics covered will be emphasized with the goal of preparing students for further study in chemistry.

Grade 11 Chemistry

Grade 11 - SCH3U chemistry tutoring is available online for students across Canada. Topics covered are the concepts and theories that form the basis of modern chemistry.

Grade 12 Chemistry

Grade 12 - SCH4U chemistry tutoring is available online for students across Canada. Topics covered will enable students to deepen their understanding of chemistry.

SAT Chemistry Exam

Many American colleges and universities, including the most prestigious, consider SAT scores an important factor in judging the quality of applicants.

Canadian Chemistry Contest

The CCC fosters an appreciation of chemistry as a career for talented young people and promotes national excellence in chemistry at the high school level.

Canadian Chemistry Olympiad

Participation in the Canadian National Olympiad is a tremendous experience and a unique opportunity to travel and meet fellow students from around the world who have similar interests.

Avogadro Exam

The Avogadro Exam is designed for Grade 11 high school students in their first high school chemistry course.Topics include: structure of matter, bonding, reactions, solutions, and gases.

Chem 13 News Exam

The Chem 13 News Exam is designed for Grade 12 high school chemistry students in their second high school chemistry course and written by more than 6,000 students every May.

Chemistry Famous Quotes & Humour

A detective with his murder mystery, a chemist seeking the structure of a new compound,
use little of the formal and logical modes of reasoning.
Through a series of intuitions, surmises, fancies, they stumble upon the right explanation,
and have a knack of seizing it when it once comes within reach.
GILBERT LEWIS, 1875 – 1946