Grade 11 chemistry tutoring is available for students across Canada.

Our online chemistry tutoring sessions focuses on homework help and test preparation.  Topics covered are the concepts and theories that form the basis of modern chemistry. Students will study the behaviours of solids, liquids, gases, and solutions; investigate changes and relationships in chemical systems; and explore how chemistry is used in developing new products and processes that affect our lives and our environment. Emphasis will also be placed on the importance of chemistry in other branches of science.

The topics shown below are from the text books McGraw-Hill Ryerson Chemistry 11, Nelson Chemistry 11 and matches 100% for students taking High School Grade 11 Chemistry and University Preparation.

Tutoring Topics Include:

  • General Chemistry

  • Observing Matter

  • Elements and the Periodic Table

  • Chemical Compounds and Bonding

  • Classifying Reactions: Chemicals in Balance

  • Counting Atoms and Molecules: The Mole

  • Chemical Proportions in Compounds

  • Quantities in Chemical Reactions

  • Solutions and their Concentrations

  • Aqueous Solutions

  • Acids and Bases

  • The Behaviour of Gases

  • Exploring Gas Laws

  • The Chemistry of Hydrocarbons

  • Energy Trapped in Hydrocarbons

At the end of the semester, a 11th-grade chemistry teacher asked her students what was the most important thing that they learned in lab.

A student promptly raised his hand and said, "Never lick the spoon." 

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