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The Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (CCO) is an annual event that aims to promote interest in chemistry amongst high school students. Participation in the Canadian National Olympiad Finals and the International Chemistry Olympiad is a tremendous experience and a unique opportunity to travel and meet fellow students from around the world who have similar interests.


  • Price : $ 50.00 per session
  • Length : 1 hour
  • Level : Advanced
  • Discounts available for multi-session signups
Book Now offers online tutoring for students who wish to participate in the Canadian Chemistry Olympiad. Our tutoring sessions include various topics covered in Grade 11 and Grade 12 Chemistry along with and are booked at your convenience but is recommended that the scheduled sessions be on a weekly basis for at least 1(one) hour. The length of the course is a minimum of 30 hours, and may even be longer, depending on how the student is able to grasp the various topics covered.

Students wishing to enter the 2021 Canadian Chemistry Olympiad, recommends tutoring sessions begin at the latest, early July 2020.

Visit the Canadian Chemistry Olympiad Website for more information.

Canadian Chemistry Contest - Important Notes

Important Dates (Subject to Change)

Both the on-line problems and the take-home exam will be considered along with the Part A, B and C exams in selecting students to attend the national camp.

Chemistry Tutoring Sessions:

For recent graduates of the Grade 11 SCH3U and moving onto the Grade 12 SCH4U chemistry program, will assess the students prior learning skills while addressing the areas of weakness. Our tutoring sessions covers all topics for high school chemistry. Students will find this area of study extremely helpful as it covers the the Grade 12 Chemistry SCH4U curriculum and beyond at a faster rate, also it will provide the necessary knowledge and problem solving skills required to achieve a much higher mark in their regular classroom.

Chemistry Olympiad Preparation

Although we cannot predict what questions will be on the upcomming exams, our tutoring sessions are based upon topics listed in the - IChOsyllabus.pdf. Also our sessions will cover general laboratory skills and questions from previous years examination.

Chemistry Famous Quotes & Humour

A neutron walks into a shop ,
”I”d like a ‘coke’, he says
The shop keeper serves up the coke “how much will that be?” Asked the neutron
“for you ?” Replied the shop keeper, ”No charge”