Chemistry Tutoring - Grade 11, Grade 12, SAT Chemistry Exam
High School Chemistry - Grade 12 Tutoring

Grade 12 chemistry one-on-one tutoring available for students in the Greater Toronto area and online for students across Canada.

Tutoring sessions focuses on homework help and test preparation.  Topics enables students to deepen their understanding of chemistry through the study of organic chemistry, energy changes and rates of reaction, chemical systems and equilibrium, electrochemistry, and atomic and molecular structure. Students will further develop problem-solving and laboratory skills as they investigate chemical processes, at the same time refining their ability to communicate scientific information.

Emphasis will be placed on the importance of chemistry in daily life, and on evaluating the impact of chemical technology on the environment.

The topics shown below are from the text books McGraw-Hill Ryerson Chemistry 12, Nelson Chemistry 12 and matches 100% for students taking High School Grade 12 Chemistry in the Province of Ontario and University Preparation (SCH4U).

Tutoring Topics Include:
  • Classifying Organic Compounds
  • Reactions of Organic Compounds
  • Atoms, Electrons and Periodic Trends
  • Structured and Properties of Substances
  • Energy and Change
  • Rates of Chemical Reactions
  • Reversible Reactions and Chemical Equilibrium
  • Acids, Bases and pH
  • Aqueous Solutions and Solubility Equilibria
  • Electrochemistry
  • Cells and Batteries
Grade 12 - Chemistry Tutoring Text Book   Grade 12 - Chemistry Tutoring Text Book

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Chemistry Tutoring - Grade 11, Grade 12, SAT Chemistry Exam